How Often Do You Get Goofy?

If you are asking me this, the answer is frequently. Look, the world is sad and days are long, but life is too short to always be serious. If we can’t let loose occasionally, we are going to burn out.

My youngest daughter and I have had several chances to laugh until we cried recently. It felt so good to relax and not care what we looked and sounded like! I used a high pitched Mickey Mouse voice because it made us laugh every time. I face timed her from the next room and made faces at her. Neither of us could stop our laughter and we didn’t want to. Our days of school and work are long, and I feel the tension melt from my shoulders as I have a good belly laugh.

One of my coworkers is a fellow snorter. I got to hear her snort the other day and it made me laugh harder. We are moving around so much and tending to a group of kids all at once so having a kindred spirit to enjoy a joke with makes me forget the awkward conversation I may have had earlier in the day.

Don’t get me started about the content of my texts with my good friends! We love to laugh at each other’s lives and the crazy things our kids do and say. We try to find humor in the absurd that happens, and we still bring up memories from years past. Some nights we are just so tired that any chance of a filter is gone. Those are the great messages!

My favorite person in the world to be silly with is my husband. James and I are friends, which means I tell him everything he probably doesn’t want to know. We send each other texts that no one else would understand. Sarcasm is our love language some days. Other times, we sing at the top of our lungs or go back and forth making each other laugh harder. He helps me lighten up and see that everything will work out.

As the great Dr. Seuss said, “Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” Don’t let these moments pass you by in silence for fear of being judged. Laugh. Snort. Make silly faces. Sing off key. Speak with an accent. Pretend you’re a pirate for an hour. Tell a joke a 4 year old would love and own it. Two words: tickle fight. Run in the rain. Make up a dance on the spot.

If you need more ideas, you are on your own. You are only limited by how willing you are to look silly and have fun!

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8 thoughts on “How Often Do You Get Goofy?

  1. Loved this post. I wish you lived closer. I need more laughter in my life. Your post made me laugh when you talked about the snorting. Thank you for making me smile and laugh.

  2. I just returned from 5 days with 4 of our grandchildren. I find myself laughing more often and with more energy with my little gang than with anyone else. I’m amazed by their humor, insight, and joy.

    And wish I had been more like them when I was their age …

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