One Decision Away

Our first class on the road to begin fostering children was this week. Each of these sessions is going to be intense, so it may be most of what I write about this month. They are packed with the highs and lows of what we will be experiencing.

Before we could start these training classes, our family had to fill out a big stack of paperwork and be approved. At the first class, we were handed an even bigger stack. Just to give an idea of how much we still have to do, the checklist itself is 3 pages long!

While discussing how invasive it is to us future foster families, the leaders reminded us that they have to do their due diligence. The birth parents that have to let someone else care for their children need to know we are safe and will do our best. I can’t even imagine having my girls taken from me for any reason.

What really stood out to me during the night is the perspective of the parents we will be working with. Sure, some of them will not get to have their kids come back and shouldn’t. I have been feeling horrible for just the kids involved, but the parents have it rough too. For some of them, life may have just gotten away from them. They may have made a bad choice and their regrets are not the only consequences. There may be repercussions in their lives for years to come. Bad decisions can haunt us all.

None of us is immune to making a bad choice. We need to get back to being a village and helping out when we can. Instead of judging the little we know of a situation or a person’s heart, we should choose to help them. Love their kids when they need it. Look past what they did to who they really are. We never know when we will need the love returned. It could be us that makes a bad decision next.

There is always good in someone if we look. Are we looking? And are we looking for ways to help them?

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4 thoughts on “One Decision Away

  1. Yes, I agree there is always something good in everyone. We all make bad choices. I love how you are having compassion for the parents too. I might have missed that. Keep sharing I love hearing your journey.

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