My Favorite Person

Tomorrow is our 14th wedding anniversary, and James and I will spend it in a three hour training class for future foster parents. You know, when I saw that date listed in the course, I smiled.

Over the span of our 17 years together, James and I have had many phases. We were early twenties, broke, college grads. We were poor newly weds. We were parents of young kids. We were middle class parents to two elementary school kids. Since moving into our house almost three years ago, our world has opened up to the phase we are about to start: future foster family with an extra room just waiting.

In all my life, there has never been another person I love spending time with as much as my husband. Maybe it is corny, but even just being next to James in this class is enough for me for our anniversary. It is a sign of our commitment to our family and any other kids that come into our lives. It isn’t romantic, but there will be plenty of time for romance another night.

Every relationship has layers built into it over time. We have several already into ours. There is heartache from unforeseen events and stressful years with no money and too many bills. There has been much joy as we have been raising our girls. Some years have been smoother than others. All of it is being weaved into a tapestry that will one day be beautiful in its rich entirety. As we begin this next layer, its texture and colors will stand out on their own.

The years we have been together have flown by, and I suspect they will begin to go even faster. As long as we hang on to each other, we will make it and have many stories to tell future generations. I can’t wait!


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12 thoughts on “My Favorite Person

  1. We understand your great love for James. He is such a good man and a perfect husband for you. We are so thankful that he is the father of Lauren and Kaitlyn. God was good in bringing you two together.

  2. Good morning, Sarah! I love how God is ushering you into this fresh new season with new opportunities to share your love and His. Bless you guys for your obedience … may you find His presence in each step of this new leg of the journey.

    How blessed those little ones are gonna be!

    1. We are going to be blessed more than the kids, I have a feeling. To realize how great our lives have always been will be a wake up call to gratitude, and that is a huge blessing.

  3. Sarah, congratulations on 14 years married! My hubs is my most favorite person to spend time with too. I love his laugh, his caring ways, and just being with him.

    Congratulations on following the call to become foster parents. I’m sure God will meet you two every step along the way!

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