We Can All Do Something

This week we had the final foster training classes! There is still a lot of paperwork and a home visit to get through. THEN there will be about 4 more months of waiting until we are approved to have children in our home. We are excited (and maybe a little bit nervous) to begin!

Over the last year, I have heard many things from friends and family. Some people have said that they want to foster kids too, but their spouse doesn’t. Some say it is not the right time. Then there are the ones who say it would be too hard because the child would leave. In those cases, I think they need to. These kids need someone to love them. I do understand that not everyone is called to foster or adopt children.

That is great actually.

If we were all made to do the same things, nothing else would be done. I admire people who go on mission trips every year. At some point I want to go on one, but the right time hasn’t happened yet. The people who work or volunteer with homeless people are incredible too. Everyone needs to feel valued. Working at a middle school deserves an extra jewel in the heavenly crown, in my opinion.

For all the people who want to do something you feel is too “big” right now, please don’t let that hold you back. If you have passion, act on it. There are no big or small actions because it takes all of us working together. If you can’t go on a mission trip now, sponsor someone who is. Pray for them and help them get supplies. If you have a heart of compassion for the homeless community, find out what needs there are at local shelters and bring them. When you see someone who has no home, talk to them. Look them in the eye and show them you see them.

Then there are all the people who know that children need us. All of us. If you know someone who is fostering or adopting, you can help them. If it is for a baby, they will need diapers! In our county, diapers aren’t covered. When the family gets a new placement, they may need a certain size clothes for that child. A friend of mine whose family fostered for 20 years said this, “Maybe you can’t actually have children in your home for long periods of time, but there’s ER care that’s always a huge need. A child at 2 am needs a warm safe place filled with love while foster care finds long term care. Be respite care for the permanent or long term care givers. Take dinner over to the family, offer to babysit, take a donation of toilet paper, paper plates, gift card for pizza, movies, Redbox, gas, rollerskating, etc. Find out what the family needs. Come read stories to the littles and/or the big kids. Be the “grandparent” figure that brings ice cream over, yells at the sports events, plays, shows up on grandparents day. Perhaps their birth children need one on one time, maybe the foster children have special needs and you can help that way. Educate yourself on the foster care system in your local area.” (Thank you for this inspiration, Kelly!) No more explanation is needed there.

As our family embarks on the adventure that is calling us, one I have hoped to be able to do for years, we won’t be doing it alone. This is what we are here to do, and we will be surrounded by love. I hope you know what you are here for and are doing it. Adventures are waiting.

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10 thoughts on “We Can All Do Something

  1. We are so proud of you and the whole family. God has given you a vision of how you can help children and you have not only heard the Call, you have responded and invested time and emotional energy into the process. When your grandparents brought a foster child, Jerry, into our home in the 60s, the lead-in time was a fraction of what you are going through now! When I talk to Jerry now, he says that being in our home changed his life as he reponded to the love of my parents and the love of Jesus. Jerry encourages you and prays for you also.

    It is worth it!

    I love you,


  2. Amen! Yes, we can all do something even in the midst of difficult circumstances. The best thing I ever did was serve as a small group leader when my life looked like it was falling apart. I got more out of it than what I gave so it seems even strange to say I served.

  3. “There are no big or small actions” – exactly Sarah! We limit ourselves when we think that way. I’m thankful for this commitment your family has made. May God prepare your hearts for the waiting, may he strengthen you for the loving and may you all find grace in the keeping.

  4. Sarah, I love this line here –>’If we were all made to do the same things, nothing else would be done.’

    This kind of wisdom keeps us looking to God to figure out what He has for us in this season, instead of looking all around us and either feeling like we’re not enough, or getting puffed up with some weird kind of ego thing.

    Thanks for continuing to share your fostering journey!

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