My Sister is Better Than Yours

My sister is the best.

Elizabeth and I have had the typical sister bond that fluctuates throughout childhood and then solidifies once both are adults. She is still bossy and I revert to whining when she gets bossy. After all, some things never change. The biggest thing that hasn’t changed is that she is and always will be one of my best friends.

When we were kids, Elizabeth and I played together. I can still remember when she suddenly grew up and didn’t want someone younger hanging around. It’s OK though. I read her diary and told on her for watching MTV. Us younger sisters have some weapons to use!


One of the best things about my sister is how she will drop everything and help when she is needed. Twice she moved home to help when Mom had cancer. Elizabeth took care of everything like a much older person. She put her own life on hold and put all of our needs ahead of her own and wouldn’t take no for an answer. Back then, I was living my life and didn’t appreciate her sacrifice like I do now.

Several years ago, I was told I needed a biopsy and ultrasound.  After I scheduled them, I called Elizabeth and cried to her. Until I heard her voice, I hadn’t understood how scared I was. She quickly said she would come down and go with me. I told her no, knowing I would need her later if there was anything discovered. Thankfully, everything turned out all right.

Our 11 year old daughters are 11 days apart. Elizabeth and I not only have our background the same, but we went through pregnancy together. (Although, it was my first and her second. I was not allowed to complain about having a baby to take care of when she had a baby and a toddler. She also made fun of my swollen sausage toes. We are family, after all. We can make fun of each other.)


When someone upsets me, I have a sister who gets angry for me. No one messes with me without her wrath, because she is loyal to the bone! When she loves, she does so with her whole being. There is nothing she wouldn’t do for her family or friends and we know it.

When I look at my own girls who are about the same age difference as us, I pray they have the same friendship as us one day. The world is tough and having someone in your corner who grew up like you and is always there for you means the world on the hardest days. They are blessed as I am to have a sister who loves them. In my mind, siblings are the first gift parents give their children. That is a friend for life!

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4 thoughts on “My Sister is Better Than Yours

  1. Reading this so reminded me of my sister and I, two years apart and best friends. Although we didn’t start out best friends. I really saw no need for her until we were both early teens and one day we became best friends. I love knowing she is in my corner and encouraging me. It took years, but we started gong on sister trips. Not sure what took us so long to do this (okay, kids and family and responsibilities), but we love them because for a few days it is just us again being our old carefree selves.

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