Embrace Not Being the Best

Growing up with a sister who is really artistic was not easy. When I couldn’t be as good as Elizabeth, I eventually gave up trying. Then there is my 11 year old daughter who has a natural ability as well. A friend once told Lauren, who was 4 years old, that she liked her chalk drawing. That child looked at my friend and said, “I’m an artiste.” Well, OK then. She was so humble! Seeing the creations Lauren makes has made me even more hesitant to draw anything. However, these days, I am giving up perfection and instead trying anyways.

Oh sure, I have several adult coloring books. You know what though? They tend to stress me out! All those small spaces and I have to decide what color to make them? Nope. I gave up on them. If something makes me MORE stressed at the end than at the beginning, it’s not for me.

So after finally deciding I don’t have to be good at drawing, I spent some of my Christmas money on a sketch pad, pencils, and a book* that teaches anyone to draw. I may not have natural talent, but that shouldn’t stop me from finding a way to be creative. No one wants perfection anyways, right? Since I always loved to draw horses as a child, that was my first attempt. I showed it to my husband and to Lauren and got a rather high pitched, “It’s good!” from both.


The other day I did two drawings. The first one of a sailboat did not turn out the way I wanted. I blame the book for making it too difficult and putting too many lines in it. It crossed my mind to erase the whole thing, but I left it in the book. This is going to take time to get better. I am trying to be brave, but I am not brave enough to show it here!

Then I decided to draw the cute panda. It turned out decent. When my husband and younger daughter saw it, they both thought Lauren drew it. Now that is because it was from far away and because she is usually the one drawing, but I will take the compliment.


Sitting with a cup of tea at the sunny kitchen table, listening to Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, I relaxed and focused on sketching. I wasn’t thinking about the future or worrying about whether or not the picture was good enough. Who cares? I was just having a fun time. Life can be fun.

*The book series I am loving is called Draw 50. There are tons of them, and the girls and I are hoping to get a few to share so we can have fun drawing together! You can find these books here.

When we don’t attempt something because we don’t think we will be good at it, we lose. When we quit something we love because we aren’t the best, we lose. Is there something you have been hesitant to try that you think you would like? Jump in and have fun!


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10 thoughts on “Embrace Not Being the Best

  1. What a way to be brave, Sarah! I totally understand where you are — I am so bad at drawing, too! This, of course, comes up every Sunday that I teach Sunday School, where the kids want me to draw something for them. It has taken me some time but I am slowly coming to the place where I’m accepting that I don’t have to be good at drawing. What I can do, is enough. Also God has gifted me with a best friend who is very talented in arts so whenever I need something, she draws it for me. It works perfect that way!

  2. Well done for giving this a try! It’s good to do something just because we enjoy it, without putting pressure on ourselves that we have to be the best. And I think your drawings look good- that is definitely not my gift!

  3. Sarah, I love that you chose to get better at something you felt you weren’t good at. Instead of settling, you made a change. And yes, to not worrying about everything being perfect! Good for you. And for what it’s worth, your drawings of these items are better than mine. Not comparing or lamenting, just speaking truth. 🙂

  4. Good job on your drawings! I’m not the best at drawing either. I think sometimes maybe I just have the eye of a cartoonist instead of the eye of a realist?? hehe Besides, sometimes it’s better for me to write the words that describe what I’m seeing and to leave the imagining of the picture to the reader!

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