I Will Use My Gifts

I’m sorry, God. You gave me extra sensitivity to people’s feelings and emotions. What good is that gift if I don’t go out and use it? Feeling sorry for someone can take me to a dark place, but You also gave me a strength I forget I have. You have given me all the equipment I need to help others and be a good influence on their lives, but I can’t do anything by sitting in my house.

My purpose here is not fully known to me, but it won’t be until I go do what I know I can do. I can’t change all the injustices in the world, but I can start in the areas You gave me a passion for. Those will take me to the next ones until all is fully revealed.

Reading posts and the comments on social media is never going to uplift me and give me answers. I am never going to see people fighting there and feel fulfilled. What I need is to shut all that out and focus on You and Your answers. Searching through my experiences, personality, strengths, and weaknesses will tell me more about what I personally can do than a cutting remark from one stranger to another.

Talking about my beliefs without knowing any of the people these ideas affect will not help me learn and grow and know truth. Looking someone in the eyes while I listen to their story will help me find ways I can be useful in this world. There are hurting people all around me if I stop long enough to look. I am sorry for not looking deep enough. I am sorry for taking an “I’m fine” at face value.

I belong in a community that needs my talents and my voice. I should be speaking up for the ones who can’t or are too scared. It has been too long that I have sat silently.

My apology will only take me as far as the actions I now take, and I know that. With Your guidance, I will help those who need me. You are always by my side, and from now on we will go out and love people together.

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6 thoughts on “I Will Use My Gifts

  1. Good thoughts! We definitely need to be the hands and feet of Jesus in a world that is hurting and needs to see Him.
    I would encourage you, however, not to stop writing when God gives you the words to write. There’s something to be said about planting seeds. Just because we can’t see exactly where they fall, and just because we can’t see them under the ground and don’t know how long they will lie dormant before they germinate, doesn’t mean we should stop sowing the seeds. God is the One who causes the seeds to grow.
    Keep on walking with Jesus in whatever He calls you to do on any given day, dear sister. Keep your “ears” open to the Spirit’s direction and be flexible for when He takes you a different way than you expect.

    1. It is so important to be open and listening to the still small voice that calls us in a different direction. We may plan our life, but God is ultimately in control. Knowing that gives me peace that nothing else can!

  2. mmm … thanks for inviting us into your conversation with the Lord, Sarah. I’m guessing that more than a few of us are agreeing with you in prayer, in conviction, in hope that God can somehow redeem our own suffering in ministry to another.

    The fields ready for harvest …

    Bless you, girl …

  3. I agree with Linda. Thanks for inviting us into your conversation. I agree. Too much focus on news and social media drags me down. I want to be informed, but FOCUS on God, so He can equip me to walk out and love others.

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