Be Generous With These

When we think of generosity, we think of money first, right? A generous person gives a lot away. However, I think we limit ourselves when we think this way. Here are other ways to give freely!

Money. While it is not the only way, I still have to mention the most common way to be generous. We can give money to help a neighbor pay a bill or buy them groceries. We can donate our unwanted goods to a charity. There are many things we can do with our money and possessions.

Time. This one ranks up there with money as second known, but there is a reason for that. If each of us would volunteer our time with an issue we are most passionate about, the world would be much kinder and better off.

Patience. Our kids and spouses could use more patience from us. The people in the parking lot around us could use it too. The lady taking too long in the checkout line could use a smile from us better than an eye roll. What’s that? You’d rather give money than be more patient? I hear you, but we can all work on this one.

Forgiveness. Whether or not the person deserves it, we should forgive them sooner rather than later. Holding a grudge is a heavy burden and it steals our joy, not theirs. Carrying bitterness will suck the life out of anyone, so let’s try harder to give forgiveness more freely.

Understanding. The world around us can be so cold and lonely for many. They are struggling in ways we can’t imagine, so let’s try to see the world from their perspective. It isn’t something we do automatically so it takes effort and forethought.

Mercy. Instead of condemning actions, maybe we find a way to see past them to the person. We show them that there is nothing they can do to push us away. No doubt this is difficult, but we all need mercy. Let’s be the ones to give it.

Compassion. Many times, giving monetarily comes from our compassion. We can also show this better to our families and friends. When one of them is hurting, we can reach out and show them we care. We see them in their need. Out of compassion, we can offer our help with a meal, babysitting, driving to appointments, or just by listening.

Love. Over everything, put on love. It is definitely the greatest thing and the most lacking in the world today. If we do anything, it should be to love generously no matter who it is or what they have done. We never know what someone is going through or what our actions can mean to them.

Let’s work on giving like it’s going out of style, because it sure feels like it is. May this list inspire you to think of ways to give more freely!

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12 thoughts on “Be Generous With These

  1. Stephanie, I love all the ways you shared that we can be generous. There’s no such thing as too much compassion or mercy or love, is there? Thanks for the reminder of how I can love well by being more generous in these areas.

  2. I like the ways you listed we can be generous. I admit several of those I hadn’t viewed that way. Of course, those are the areas I also tend to be stingy. I needed this message. Thank you.

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