Age is a Privilege

Nine years ago yesterday was my 30th birthday. Oh how I looked forward to my thirties! I was going to gain wisdom and maybe understand people a little better. I would find saying no easier and I would learn who I am. Overall I would be more comfortable in my skin.

Not everything has gone the way I hoped, but when does life line up with all our wishes? This decade has been mostly good. I feel a bit wiser and more calm about the future. I have discovered more about why I am here and even said no to an opportunity. (That one took until this year!) As I enter the last year of my thirties, I want to see what more I can do and whose life I can touch. Life keeps getting more interesting with age, in my opinion.

With 40 now a year away, I am not dreading my forties. Call me crazy, but I look forward to more years. I have a good life with a family I adore. Old age is not promised to anyone, so I will take any years I can get. Why dread what so many are denied?

My hope is to have as long as I can here on earth and see my girls grow up and maybe even a few grand babies grow up too. I may not be thrilled with wrinkles and gray hairs, but if they come with age, I will take them. Every day of this year in this one life I am given is a privilege.

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