Last Week Was My Exodus

You ever have those days where you stress about something? Something you really don’t have control over? A day where you fret and pray and then keep taking it back from God to chew on it some more? Yeah, me neither.

Seriously though, last Wednesday was rough for me. The night before, I had checked my girls’ grades, like I do frequently. God bless the interwebs. Suddenly Lauren’s sixth grade science grade was a 77. Gulp. It said she hadn’t turned something in weeks before. This teacher is known for not allowing papers to be turned in late, but we hadn’t known it was missing.

I charged Lauren to go straight to her teacher in the morning and explain to her what she had told me: she thought she had turned it in and it had been given back to her. Wednesday happened to be the last day of the third quarter, so there wasn’t time to pull the grade up to a B.

All day at work I wondered how it had gone. I alternated between anger at the teacher (“how can she not let us know the work hasn’t been turned in and not allow her to give it to her late?”) and pleading with God to allow her to turn it in. Yes, my thoughts were all over the place.

After school, Lauren told me the teacher accepted it and will hopefully only take 10 points off. She had posted those grades in order to allow kids to see if they are missing anything. Later that night, Lauren’s grade was up to an A!

Talk about feeling silly. All day I had worried about my child, as if God wasn’t taking care of her. I wondered whether she would be able to stay in a club that is based partly on academics and about what kind of punishment we needed to give. I pictured her sad and confused face when she realized she hadn’t turned it in. Raising kids to take responsibility is hard and you ache for them.

Then I realized this experience was a reminder from God that He is in charge and really does see everything. I don’t need to hold onto my problems and worry away a day. The Israelites did that when Moses led them from Egypt. They worried about where they would go and what they would eat. Manna fell from the sky for them to eat and they still complained and fretted. The Israelites had more of an excuse than I do. They didn’t have the Bible to see all the wonders and miracles that God performs daily. They had to rely on their own experiences.

Sometimes I have to rely on my own experiences, like the Israelites. I forget all that God has done and need a refresher to think back on. I am glad God doesn’t just get tired of me but instead He comes through again.

And again.

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12 thoughts on “Last Week Was My Exodus

  1. Sarah, just today, I was worrying about something. And then I realized I should just make my request known to God. He will handle it in the way he knows is best. I will choose to trust this. Thanks for sharing your experience. May we both grow in trusting God in all things.

    I was glad your daughter’s grade went up!

  2. I’m glad you got things sorted out! I agree, it is so easy to get caught up in worry and waste so much time instead of just trusting God with situations! I am grateful for his patience!

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