Step by Step

After my post about my lesson in trusting God last Tuesday, I received another chance to trust hours later. He knew I needed more opportunities to grow and that I will need that  growth in trust in the coming months.

Tuesday night I looked at our dog and yelled for James to come see him. The poor thing looked like half of a chipmunk with a big hard knot under one eye. He seemed to be in no pain and could eat and drink just fine, but I didn’t want him suffering. That night I kept telling myself not to worry and that God will take care of Champ.

When I started thinking about little Champers, I would start singing the chorus from a song I hadn’t sung in decades. “Step by Step” by Rich Mullins says, “Oh God, You are my God And I will ever praise You. Oh God, You are my God And I will ever praise You. I will seek You in the morning And I will learn to walk in Your ways. And step by step You’ll lead me And I will follow You all of my days.” It calmed me and I slept well. The next day, whenever his sad little face popped in my mind, I would find myself singing it again. I was able to get him to the vet that afternoon and it turns out he had an abscess. They drained it and put him on antibiotics. This Friday I have to take him back to have the tooth pulled. I am not looking forward to paying $500, but God is taking care of us.

The next day, Lauren woke up with a stomach virus. It felt like the week would never end and we would never see Friday. Friday afternoon we were having our first foster care home visit. I had been trying to get the house ready, and now I had germs to get rid of (and not catch.) Then hours before the home visit, we learned that James’ uncle was put in hospice care. He passed away the next day. It was all I could do to breathe with all this stress.

But you know what?

The visit went great and there are less changes we have to make to our house than the 7 page checklist implied. We are all still here and healthy. Later this week we will pay tribute to a great man and see lots of family. Life has ups and downs, but one thing remains steady: God’s love.

Yesterday morning while I was thinking about all of these events, another song came to mind. “You’re a good good father. It’s who you are, it’s who you are, it’s who you are, And I’m loved by you. It’s who I am, it’s who I am, it’s who I am.” Just like Chris Tomlin says in “Good Good Father,” God is perfect in ALL His ways. The ride of life is bumpy, so I need to trust and hold on. God will keep taking care of me.

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2 thoughts on “Step by Step

  1. I’m sorry you’ve had so many challenges to face, but I’m glad you’ve known God’s faithfulness helping you through in the midst of all the ups and downs.

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