People tell me how great a mom I am and how great my kids are doing often. What do I listen to though? I often only hear the voices telling me the opposite.

On the way to church Sunday, my husband and I were talking about where we are going to put cookbooks. Twelve year old Lauren chimes in from the back seat, “We use cookbooks? I thought we only use Pinterest!” When I told her that I do, in fact, use cook books, her response was that she thought we either go out to eat or I bring leftovers from work. Ouch.

Cooking dinner is not my favorite part of house work. It feels like I can never make meals everyone will eat. If I can make something my pickiest child will eat, someone else will have an issue with it. When I do meal planning each weekend for the week ahead, I often feel deflated already. I put a lot of work in our meals, but my child picked at that most sensitive spot in my armor. I wanted to cry. Or yell at her. Somehow it made it worse that she didn’t seem to understand she had hurt my feelings.

Later in the morning, during the service, our pastor had us quietly listen for God. When I did, I heard the word “cherished.” No matter what anyone says or how they make me feel, it really doesn’t matter. I am cherished by God. We humans are fickle and don’t know everything, (especially these of us who think we do,) so we can’t judge our worth by what others say. The only opinion that truly matters is God’s, and He thinks we are special and made in His image.

Hopefully the next time I feel slighted by someone, I will be able to brush it off. I want to remember that God sees all of me and loves me still. His is the voice I want to hear above the rest.

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8 thoughts on “Slighted

  1. Awww, Sarah. I’ve been in that place too. One of my boys has a very quick tongue and speedy wit. Sometimes he says things that really hurt. God has had to help me remember that my value isn’t based on what he—or others—think about me as a person. I’m loved and I’m enough in God’s eyes and that’s enough.

    I love that God gave you that one word—CHERISHED—to remind you who you are to Him!

  2. ‘We either go out to eat or I bring leftovers from work.’

    I’d love to do that around here, Sarah! I usually gaze into the freezer mid-afternoon to see what catches my eye.



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