Distractio-What was I Saying?

Do you ever think about what distracts you? Do you think about the wasted minutes in your day that could be used to get closer to God? Here is a list of my distractions.

-Too much social media scrolling and internet surfing.

-Negative thoughts that lead me down dark paths about my life. (for example: my health, marriage and children, and even what someone has said or implied about me.)

-Thinking I have it all covered, so time with Jesus isn’t as needed. Ahem.

-Knowing I have no control, so why bother with this if stuff is just going to happen anyways?

-TV shows that aren’t gratifying.

-Friendships with people who only bring me down or who think God is not real.

-Thinking I don’t have time, but then frittering time away.

-Assuming I will fit it in later in the day and then I forget.

-Other people don’t read the Bible and THEY seem fine.

-Yelling at my girls and then allowing guilt to creep between God and me.

-I am not in a bad place now, so why?

-God and I are good so I can go a day or so with no time with Him.

-God will forgive me if I skip today.

While none of these are horrible, none are good either. They are all lies meant to deceive me into distancing myself from God. I really don’t have any excuses to not spend time with and praise my God. What distracts you?

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4 thoughts on “Distractio-What was I Saying?

  1. Wow! You really put it out there and I can’t imagine there isn’t one person who hasn’t been distracted by most of these. Sometimes all in one day! Thank you, Sarah, for your open heart. I need fresh truth in black and white to help get my focus back to where it needs to be.

  2. Aside from my middle aged brain . . . I think my biggest problem with distraction is that I fill my days too full. As a doer, it’s easy to forget that I am called to BE in such an intimate and individual calling from God. THAT is what should be filling my mind every day. but sometimes it gets lost like a piece of junk mail on the cluttered dining room table.

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