To the One who Made Me Different

God, I thank You for making me different. Thank You for making me feel like I don’t fit in and for reminding me that I am created to stand out. You made me who I am and not someone else.

You put me on a different journey than everyone else. I get caught up in what others are doing and making and winning. I falsely believe that I am not enough, but I am enough in You. I can only compare my life to….my life. It is mine to share with You. It is mine to follow You and shine for You. No one else can do it quite like I can.

The world can make me feel discouraged and alone, but You are always beside me. You whisper in my ear of Your love for me. Sometimes I am too busy to hear You and miss out on that love. When I pause and listen for Your heartbeat, it is there. Steady. Steadying me. Your presence is all I need.

When I don’t feel like enough, it takes away from Your design. You put me here in this place and gave me a purpose. Me doubting myself does nothing but drive a wedge between You and me. Your creation of me is wonderful. I know that full well.

The days I forget of Your great love are forgiven once I come back to You. Your delight in me knows no bounds. Great are You, and greatly to be praised.

My path is like no other, and that is a good thing. It is good because YOU are good. Your love is never ending. Your peace and joy are mine to share and give to others. I am everything in You because You are everything in me. Thank You forever.

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