What I Want Them to Get From Me

Last Mother’s Day was difficult for me. After 15 years without my Mama, a rough couple of months snuck in. This year has been a blur, so the sadness hasn’t had a chance to burrow back in. I am not sure what made this difference, but my life definitely has a new focus.

With us beginning foster care, I am looking forward to future Mother’s Days with kids I can be a Mama to, maybe even one permanently. It is exciting to be able to step into lives and love on sweet children who just want a stable family.

Well, Wednesday night I dropped my oldest and her BFF off at youth group. (They call it something different, but it will always be youth group to me!) This gave me over an hour to wander around Target alone. I bought myself this shirt as a pajama top, because it called to me.


The shirt made me think about what I got from Mom and what I want to give my kids: Jesus. Our kids are going to learn good and bad from us as no parent is perfect. My parents weren’t perfect and neither are my husband and I. There is no need to even try for perfection.

What is attainable is a strong love for Jesus and faith to get them through life. Kids need to see their parents cultivate a relationship with Jesus and crack open their Bibles. There should be discussions about their faith and questions answered honestly. My girls have seen me reading the Bible, listening to God, and sometimes saying verses out loud as I memorize them. What I do will have much more of a effect than what I tell them to do.

There are many things in parenting that I am not great at, but they don’t matter as long as I teach my kids important ideas and practices. I want my girls to learn traits like kindness and forgiveness while they are in this house. I want to lay the foundation for a life long relationship with God that stands when tested.

Teaching children doesn’t happen without planning and without first showing them how to do it. Whatever is done most is going to look most important from the outside. If you are reading this and don’t think you are showing your children what is most important to you, there is good news. You can always start fresh. Today even. Children are resilient and more observant than we give them credit for. They will notice the changes and slowly start emulating you. It is never too late!

Being a parent is a great responsibility that brings much joy. If we take it seriously now with our children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, we will later have the knowledge that we did our best. There is no greater gift I can imagine giving our kids than Jesus.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of us moms doing our best!

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2 thoughts on “What I Want Them to Get From Me

  1. Love the shirt! I can understand the sadness you feel at the loss of your mom. So happy to hear you have a new focus, and I pray this Mother’s Day will be a very special one for you! God Bless you! šŸ™‚

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