Life Happens While We Wait

I haven’t forgotten y’all, I promise! The last couple of weeks have been eventful, so I thought I would catch you up.

The summer flew by and the girls have been in school for 2 weeks already. It may still be hot for another 6 weeks here, but they will be inside learning. Here are their first day of 5th and 7th grade pictures. Time needs to stand still for a bit, so I can get used to them not being little anymore!


Last week the “baby” turned 10! We took her to a cat cafe, where you pay to play with cats who are up for adoption. Since Kaitlyn thinks she is part cat, she called this her natural habitat. On Saturday evening, we invited her friends over for a team cat versus team dog birthday party. We had a relay race and another game where they ate Jello out of bowls using only their faces. There was also pizza and cookie cake. I think they all had a good time and slept well that night!


Then Sunday morning the 4 of us were on stage at church. We were the first family to be dedicated as a foster family. Hopefully many more will be up there in the years to come, having the church pray for them. It was such a privilege to be up there, but I was so nervous until it was over!


Yesterday my husband started a new position at Home Depot that seems to be made for him. He is excited and I think it will be a great challenge that his career has been preparing him for in the last 17 years with the company. Last night we all went to dinner to celebrate his achievement.


As for me, I am at home for now. We have no foster placement yet, but I know it could be any day. The right child is there who will need us. In a few weeks, I will begin working from home as an assistant to a realtor who lives in our neighborhood. I will get to work around our schedule, whatever that may be. There will be more details on how this came to be on a later day.

God is good and truly works everything out for our good and His glory. If you needed a reminder of that, here it is!

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