A Week Since Our Lives Changed

The last week has been a blur for all the right reasons. We have a new, probably temporary, family member! She is the sweetest, funniest, and smartest nine year old and fits right into our family. Within minutes of being in our home, she was running around with our girls and the dog. When I took her the next day to enroll her in school and get some things at Walmart, she said she wanted to go home. You know, our home.

My emotions have been all over the place. All of the foster parent training we have been through can’t possibly prepare you for the fierce protectiveness, pride, and love you feel so quickly. I try to rein them in, but sometimes they get the better of me. Being a Mom again is such a privilege and I cherish the time we get together.

Friday would have been my Mom’s birthday, so we had cake in her honor. We did not have our usual party, but I think cake was enough. She would have loved our new addition. I am sure her seat in heaven was just right.


Saturday morning we went to watch James play tennis. While sitting there surrounded by his teammates, our sweet little girl asked if we had wanted her. And she wanted to know why, since we hadn’t known her before. I wasn’t prepared with a good answer, besides yes,) at the moment. It would never have occurred to me to ask anyone that at her age.

Before church Sunday, I showed her the picture of our family on stage with our pastor from last month. We were dedicated as a foster family and prayed over. She was so excited that so many people were praying for HER. I don’t think she could believe it.


We have been praying for this little girl for a few years now. We wanted God to bring the right child to us at the right time. Waiting all summer was not how we saw it happening, but God was wanting us to be more patient than we were. She is worth it. Her little heart is so precious to God and to us. He knew it would be safest for now with us. He picked the 4 of us out of anyone to be her family for as long as she needs us.

Next time you forget that God’s timing is best, remember this story. I know I will!

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