Exciting News!

I know I haven’t posted in some time, but I wanted to let you know about my new website! A few months ago I started Instagram and Facebook pages called Pass On Your Sunshine. Now there is also a website!

One part of my new site is a forum for people to share good news and acts of kindness. Now more than ever, we need more positive to outweigh the negative. We are bombarded with the anger, sadness, and bickering. The uncertainty of the last few weeks isn’t helping, so I hope this will. I would love it if you signed up and joined in the conversations.

A few years ago, I had mentioned writing a 12 week Bible study for tween girls and moms or mother figures. Some of you expressed interest, so a download of it is listed for sale in the store section. There is also a family night in activity download in the store. The proceeds of both will go to a local homeless shelter here in Atlanta. We need to do all we can for the less fortunate and for those who are about to be impacted by the economy.

I hope this finds you all well. I miss you, my friends! Please take care of yourselves and know I am cheering each of you on!

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