Open Hand


The direction my life is going leads me to the word simplify. My family has been filling trash bags to donate. We are buying less. We are filling our time with more important endeavors and less trivial ones. Once that ball gets rolling, perspective has more room to come in. 

All of this has made me picture an open hand. I try to live my life with my hands open so I don’t get attached to stuff. I am not meant to hold onto things, but to Jesus. Even the people in my life aren’t permanent. The only everlasting one is God. I want to live like I believe this.

Let go of fear that holds me back.

Let go of shame that chokes me.

Let go of what the world says I should have.

Let them go through my fingers.

The open hand is cupped. I want to only catch what God puts in there: His blessings. Right now I have plenty of stuff that only provides a moment of pleasure. What I desire is to release what I do not need so God can fill me up with His gifts. The things I never want to lose can only come from God.

Peace is wrapped around me.

Grace is poured out on me.

Love is holding my hand.

Joy puts a song in my heart.

Strength lifts me up.

Hope keeps me going.

These are what I want my life to be built on, because these are the only things that can never be taken from me. I don’t want to get to the end of my life and be accused of storing up the wrong things.

The posture of this open cupped hand is humility. It is brokenness. It is praise. It say “Jesus you are enough for me. Nothing this world can offer compares to You.” When we truly say this and mean it, God can use us for His glory.

Try it. Open up that hand and praise God for whatever He puts in it.


Today is finally the day to reveal that my story is featured on God-Sized Dreams. Go over and read it here!


linking to Holley Gerth.


21 thoughts on “Open Hand

  1. Sarah, I am visiting you from the Holley Gerth link up. I love how you write peace wraps around you. It is like a warm blanket to protect us and to share with someone. Thank you.

  2. You are right… nothing is permanent in this life, not even people. Lately I have been reminded that God gives and takes away. Even, even if He takes away my husband, God will be everlasting. It makes me think about what I attach to, what I make important in life because if we have nothing, if we have not what we desire, we ought to be able to still be ok… in God, with God.

  3. Sarah, thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment on my post from over at Holley’s place…I look forward to your posts each week, so open, so honest, so transparent…especially encouraged by your quote today…”Open up that hand and praise God for whatever He puts in it.”

    1. Thank you for your honesty. I think that the greatest things that happen in life are rarely easy. And they definitely can’t be done alone. When we do what God asks, He blesses us in ways we didn’t see coming!

  4. Oh, how I need to simplify, Sarah. This is so encouraging! I love the visual thought of an “open cupped hand.” It’s so beautiful, thankful, and humble. Many blessings on your prayer group and book :).

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