Lessons in Peace


What I am learning about peace:

  1. Worrying is the opposite of peace. Fretting away today does nothing useful.
  2. I can have peace in the midst of the worst situation.
  3. Peace does not come from locking myself in my room and ignoring the world.
  4. I may think I have peace figured out until I get knocked down again.
  5. Achieving a peaceful state is a daily effort.
  6. Anyone can have peace which means we all have a fair shot.
  7. I can’t buy a peaceful life.
  8. When I ask God for peace, He will provide me with opportunities to practice it.
  9. Peace is found in doing what I can and letting go of the rest.
  10. To live in peace I must first learn to love.
  11. Being at peace with everyone around me means I can’t make assumptions about them.
  12. Sometimes the biggest builder of peace in my life is the thing that I dislike the most.
  13. A life that only has good in it has no strength to stand in a storm.
  14. I need the dark to point me to the light.
  15. Fearing the worst is no way to live.
  16. Finding peace means I have hope for tomorrow.

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12 thoughts on “Lessons in Peace

  1. Like what you said about assumptions. It’s true. We assume so much that robs us of peace. So often its not true anyways.
    I think i read recently that peace is cultivated…so it is a work in progress.
    Philippians 4 promises it to, in a process of thinking on higher things.
    That it will come to guard our hearts.

  2. Hi Sarah,
    Practicing peace in the midst of an unsettling world is only possible with God and staying close to him. I like this list a lot and especially realize that when we pray for peace, we might be presented with situations that require the discipline of peace!

  3. Great list! When we got married 16+ years ago, we learned quickly that our best decisions were made together with the peace that only God can give. If God doesn’t give us peace with it, then it’s not for us. If it’s right for us, He’ll give us peace — in any situation! ❤

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