Doubt Is Not the End

God is faithful. Period. Even if that is all you know, that is enough. If you ever doubt a situation, know that you aren’t alone. It is normal to question life events. The problem lies more in not trusting God.

Hebrews 11:11 says, “By faith even Sarah herself received ability to conceive, even beyond the proper time of life, since she considered Him faithful who had promised.” We all know Sarah had her doubts. She even took matters in her own hands by telling Abraham to have a child with another woman. She may have had doubts and questions, and her track record was far from perfect. Still, she clung to the hope she had in God. Overall, her life was marked by faith because she knew God keeps His promises.

The Bible tells us that Sarah and Abraham had a baby “at the very time God had promised” (Genesis 21:2.) God’s timing is rarely in line with ours, but it is always right. We think we have it all figured out, but God goes and makes it spectacular when everything is lined up. All of those things we can’t see that factor in serve a purpose. If we get out of God’s way, He has room to work.

One of my favorite verses is Genesis 21:6, “Sarah said, ‘God has brought me laughter, and everyone who hears about this will laugh with me.'” The joy in Sarah when her hope came to fruition was contagious. She couldn’t help but laugh and bring laughter to those around her. She had waited decades and made plenty of mistakes. A lot of life was lived in those years. Nothing diminished the happiness she felt.

What can you take away from Sarah’s story? When you have times of doubt, it doesn’t mean you have less faith than others. It doesn’t mean God will punish you and not give you the desires of your heart. Your life isn’t over in those moments. It may just be beginning.

When those questions come rolling in on you like a tidal wave and threaten to take you under, stand on God’s promises. He doesn’t expect perfection. Your emotions don’t have to be unwavering. You are human, after all. Just remember that God is worthy of your trust. He is faithful. It may seem crazy, but don’t forget He won’t let you down.

Days will come when you get knocked down by fear. If that happens and you misplace your trust, find it again in the morning. It won’t be far from where you left it.

Maybe your situation is different than Sarah’s, but God is the same. He will forgive you on the days you lack faith. He will give you the life He created you to have. You may not have a baby in your nineties, but you will laugh. God promises.

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6 thoughts on “Doubt Is Not the End

  1. Sarah,
    I actually love those stories of babies born late in life and who most to inspire us but the oldest mother in history — Sarah? (And your namesake!) Our faith does go through seasons of strength and periods where we can’t quite keep going, but sometimes God uses our doubts to help us grow stronger in him and we just have to keep holding on! xo

  2. I’m always encouraged by that list of people in Hebrews 11 who are remembered as “heroes of faith.” Like Sarah, many of them had times of doubt, and they were real people who made mistakes but God still used them to do his work and he remembers their moments of faith.

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