An Open Letter to Satan

Satan, Stay away from me!

Don’t mess with my husband, my children, my marriage, or the rest of my family. There is no place for you here, since Jesus is at the center. You will not keep me from my plans. I will not let you near my future, and more importantly, neither will Jesus.

When I was a child, I was taught to rebuke you, in the name of Jesus. You hate hearing His name. You hate being reminded of His presence, because it reminds you of your future. Your days of roaming the earth are numbered, and you know it.

When you mess with my health, my thoughts, and my life, it shows me I am doing something you don’t like. It strengthens my resolve to keep at it. You may know some of my weaknesses, but I know yours too. One weakness is that you hate when God’s people do things in His honor. You abhor kindness, peaceful hearts, and people being obedient to God’s call. You want to derail us and make us doubt our abilities. You strive to lead us off course by convincing us to let off the gas and coast. You try your best to convince us that what we know is best isn’t necessary and that we should only look out for ourselves.

Sure, sometimes you manage to make even the most well intentioned of us see things your way. You steer us off the course we know is right, because we have listened to you. There are times we stop fighting for what we know is right or we just get tired of feeling like the only ones who are doing that right thing. Those days, we decide to take a break. You must cheer in those moments.

I am telling you now that it won’t work. Your time to plague me with fear, sickness, and doubt is over. You aren’t winning this battle just like you won’t win the war. You try to keep poking and seeing what works. But I have your kryptonite. I have the one thing on my side that you know you can’t beat: the name of Jesus.

He has won. Game over.

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4 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Satan

  1. Sarah, I am so glad I (we) are daughters of the One True King. Though satan may succeed in his plan sometimes, he’s already lost the war. Let’s walk confidently in trusting our God to strengthen and watch over us. 🙂 Have a great week!

  2. “I have the one thing on my side that you know you can’t beat: the name of Jesus.
    He has won. Game over.”
    Yes and amen! Love this, Sarah. So excited to see you defeating Satan as you step out on this journey of fostering.

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