The End of Summer

Here in our county, school starts back in ten days (but who is counting?) My girls have been home since before Memorial Day and although they still have good moments of love and bonding, they are getting on each other’s nerves. How do I know?

The almost third grader cried because her almost fifth grade sister wouldn’t treat her like a cat. And by treat her like a cat, of course I mean walk around the house pulling her by a leash.

The almost fifth grader gets mad that her almost third grade sister won’t go along with everything her bossy little heart desires.

The older one wouldn’t help her sister find a missing toy.

The younger one messed up the tent her sister created over her bed.

The older one wouldn’t let her sister play in a box she wanted.

The younger one occasionally physically assaults her sister in anger she hasn’t learned how to verbally express yet.

They both get frustrated and won’t listen to the other one.

The older one acts like she is the mom, when her sister already has a mom.

The younger one gets whiny and obnoxious.

In other words, they act like my older sister and I. The cycle continues!


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