God Came Through

Today is a big day!

Last fall, our family decided to move after being in the same house eleven years. I declared on here that I wanted less stuff and more space. We fixed up and cleaned out our house. We began to pray for God to bring the right people and help us find the right house. Eight days after listing the house, the right family first saw our house. We just didn’t know at the time there would be waiting and a closed door.

We were told this young couple loved our house and wanted to show it to family members a week later. They were going to make an offer, so we went to see houses that day. And found our new house. The offer came the next day and we countered. Then they found out they couldn’t pay their original offer. For a few days, we prayed about taking the low offer, but in the end it didn’t feel right. As soon as we agreed no, James and I felt peace and relief. But we were back at square one.

Soon after this, I felt we needed to thank God for not selling the house. Do you know how strange it felt to pray that? But we did. And we kept thanking Him for it. We knew He had the right people planned. And if the house we loved sold in the meantime, it wasn’t right for us. That was a stressful yet satisfying time.

In December, the showings slowed down so we decided to lower the price. The next week, that family’s realtor called ours and asked if we would consider their offer plus $2000. We said we would let her know the next week. We had assumed they bought another house, but they stopped looking after buying our house fell through. They were devastated. ย A few days later, the agent of the sellers of the house we loved called ours. She said they were hoping to work with us and asked if our current home was under contract. Y’all, they had not wanted to lower their price before!

What we thought fell apart was coming together. We all had to have an extra month to get on the same page. Our family’s faith had to be tested.

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God brought us to the right house. We got the keys yesterday and today is moving day. Now my girls have a yard and cul-de-sac to play in.


Sometimes when the answer is “no,” it is really “not yet.” God wants us to keep trusting Him for the outcome. If you are in a time of waiting, or seem to have been told “no,” God may just be preparing you. Thank Him for what He is doing in your life and what He will do. ย Then be confident that He will finish what He started in you.

What God has planned is so much better than anything you can imagine!

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11 thoughts on “God Came Through

  1. So wonderful to hear how God rewarded your faith and your attitude of thankfulness in ALL things, even when it seemed the outcome was not what you were hoping for.
    Blessings in your new home ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. It’s amazing that even when God’s timing is different than ours, He’s still working behind the scenes. He hasn’t forgotten or abandon us, He just wanted to grow us in the process! Many blessings on your new house! Congrats!

  3. Sarah … Don’t you love when God has it all figured out … All those huge behind the scenes details are being orchestrated in His most capable hands! I’m so excited for you!

    Have a wonderful weekend, dear friend…


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